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Boy Scout Abuse in Illinois — Perversion Files Released

This past week, thousands of the “perversion files” of the Boy Scouts were released to the public, including dozens of entries from Illinois.  The LA Times has posted a database with information pulled from these files, which includes direct links to some of the files.  This database supplements the website released in Oregon last week.

For more than a decade, we have been using the perversion files to prosecute claims against the Boy Scouts.  If you or someone you loved survived abuse while in Scouting, please contact one of our sexual abuse attorneys to learn your options.

“Religious Order Knew of Molestation Charges at Brother Rice: Court Records”

On Friday the Oak Lawn Patch wrote an article about abuse by the Congregation of Christian Brothers at schools in Illinois.  The article links to evidence we have uncovered against the Christian Brothers over the past decade.  Our sexual abuse attorneys Michael Pfau and Jason Amala are also quoted extensively about the bankruptcy of the Christian Brothers, including the upcoming bankruptcy deadlines for abuse survivors.

“Bar Date” Announced for Claims Against Christian Brothers

On February 10, 2012, a bankruptcy court in New York issued a “bar date” deadline for survivors of sexual abuse by the Christian Brothers.  The “bar date” is a deadline by which abuse survivors must file a claim with the bankruptcy court or they may be “barred” from ever filing a claim against the Christian Brothers.

We are closely involved with the bankruptcy and have posted the bankruptcy court order regarding this deadline, as well as the notice for sexual abuse survivors.  This is an extremely important deadline that cannot be ignored.  Please contact us if you have questions or want an update on the bankruptcy proceedings.