Father Myles White

While Father Myles White was still in seminary, concerns arose regarding not only his temperament but also his ability to keep the vow of chastity.  In 1967, the Diocese of Joliet stressed that it was of “paramount importance” that White be fully aware of what the law of celibacy requires and the necessity for White to provide an “explicit statement concerning celibacy.”  In 1968, the Chancellor of the Diocese of Joliet is made aware that White engaged in acts of ...


Joliet Review Board’s List of Accused Priests since the 1960’s

The following list was created by the Diocese of Joliet’s own Review Board.  The list reveals the extent of the problem of sexual abuse by priests of the Diocese since the 1960’s.  The list indicates that the Bishops of the Diocese were receiving reports of abuse as early as 1962, yet the Diocese allowed the accused priests to remain in their positions for many years later. It gives the names of at least 28 priests who have been identified as being ...


Pope Francis Comments on Child Sex Abuse

Pope Francis has been seen by some as very progressive. He asked forgiveness from those who were abused by priests, but are they ready to forgive so easily? We think it’s a step in the right direction that the new Pontiff is acknowledging the problem (even though we’ve heard it before), but does it really go far enough? One child abuse survivor spoke out to the Huffington Post, asking “Why can you be a child molester and a priest?”: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/14/church-victim-responds-to-pope_n_5147250.html

The ...


Read the Chicago Archdiocese Secret Priest Files

The Archdiocese of Chicago has released “documents relating to the sexual misconduct of thirty priests of the Archdiocese.”  We have made them available for you to read. Click here to read the files on each priest, including Fr. Norbert Maday, Fr. Kenneth Brigham, Fr. William O’Brien, Fr. Robert Mayer, Fr. Henry Swider, Fr. John Curran, Fr. Raymond Skriba, Fr. William Cloutier, Fr. James Hagan, Fr. Joseph Fitzharris, Fr. Thomas Job, Fr. Robert Becker, Fr. Marion Snieg, ...


Rev. Norbert Maday – Sexual Abuse File

Father Maday is alleged to have abused dozens of children before he was finally arrested and convicted.  Nearly a dozen allegations were filed with the Chicago Archdiocese between 1997 and 2006.  It also appears that the Archdiocese has long known that Father Mayday posed a danger to children.  For example, in 1992 Father Mayday was “removed from St. Jude/So. Holland due to allegations brought to the attention of Pat O’Malley by the States Attorney.” [AOC003705] Father Maday, most recently, was ...


Rev. Daniel McCormack – Sex Abuse Allegations

Rev. Daniel McCormack was a teacher and basketball coach at Our Lady of the Westside (now St. Agatha Academy) school in Chicago, IL.  He confessed in 2007 to sexually abusing five boys and served 2.5 years.  More victims are coming forward and bringing lawsuits against the Chicago Archdiocese, claiming the Archdiocese failed to look into multiple allegations of abuse.

Daniel McCormack Defrocked

Rev. McCormack was defrocked in 2007 once the allegations ...


Archbishop of Chicago Releases Abuse Files

In an open letter posted on the Archdiocese’s website, Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., the Archbishop of Chicago, announced he will be releasing “documents relating to the sexual misconduct of thirty priests of the Archdiocese.”

You can click the following link to read the entire letter:  Chicago Archbishop Letter regarding abuse files

The Archdiocese has also disclosed the names of more than 60 priests who have “substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct with minors,” including their date of ordination, any action that has ...


Bankrupt Christian Brothers to Pay $16.5 Million to Settle Sexual Abuse Claims

The Christian Brothers of Ireland, a Catholic religious order, has agreed to pay $16.5 million to settle the claims of more than 400 survivors of sexual and physical abuse.  The order will also transfer ownership of various properties and certain insurance policies that may provide coverage of abuse claims.

In April 2011, two asset-holding corporations of the Christian Brothers, The Christian Brothers of Ireland, Inc., an Illinois corporation, and the Christian Brothers Institute, a New York corporation, filed for bankruptcy protection ...


Illinois Legislature Reforms Statute of Limitations

The Illinois legislature today passed SB1399, which aims to substantially reform the statute of limitations in Illinois for civil claims based on childhood sexual abuse.

Although it must still be signed into law by Governor Patt Quinn, the bill would allow a lawsuit based on childhood sexual abuse to be commenced at any time so long as the claim would not have been barred under prior statutes of limitations ...

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