Chicago Archdiocese Priest Files

The files you will find below were released by the Chicago Archdiocese on January 21, 2014 and relate to allegations of clergy sexual abuse of minors.

Priest Name Click to download
BECKER, Robert C. Becker_Rev_Robert_C.pdf [178 pages, 3MB]
BENNETT, Joseph R. Bennett_Rev_Joseph_R.pdf [477 pages, 6.5MB]
BRIGHAM, Kenneth M. Brigham_Rev_Kenneth_M.pdf [65 pages, 773KB]
CLOUTIER, William J. Cloutier_Rev_William_J.pdf [109 pages, 1,425KB]
CRAIG, Robert Craig_Rev_Robert.pdf [121 pages, 1,489KB]
CURRAN, John W. Curran_Rev_John_W.pdf [396 pages, 5MB]
FITZHARRIS, Joseph L. Fitzharris_Rev_Joseph_L.pdf [300 pages, 3MB]
HAGAN, James C. Hagan_Rev_James_C.pdf [233 pages, 2,247KB]
HOLIHAN, Daniel M. Holihan_Rev_Daniel_M.pdf [499 pages, 6MB]
JOB, Thomas Job_Rev_Thomas.pdf [347 pages, 5MB]
KELLY, Thomas F. Kelly_Rev_Thomas_F.pdf [84 pages, 1,126KB]
KISSANE, Joseph Kissane_Rev_Joseph_P.pdf [66 pages, 671KB]
MADAY, Norbert J. Maday_Rev_Norbert_J.pdf [507 pages, 8MB]
MAYER, Robert E. Mayer_Rev_Robert_E.pdf [487 pages, 7MB]
MCCAFFREY, Vincent McCaffrey_Rev_Vincent.pdf [340 pages, 4MB]
O’BRIEN, William J. O_Brien_Rev_William_J.pdf [148 pages, 1,835KB]
OWENS, Joseph Owens_Rev_Joseph.pdf [76 pages, 750KB]
PALLIKUNNEN, Emmanuel Pallikunnen_Rev_Emmanuel.pdf [60 pages, 1,199KB]
ROMANO, Russell L. Romano_Rev_Russell_L.pdf [136 pages, 1,746KB]
RUGE, Kenneth Ruge_Rev_Kenneth.pdf [91 pages, 1,000KB]
SKRIBA, Raymond F. Skriba_Rev_Raymond_F.pdf [208 pages, 2MB]
SNIEG, Marion J. Snieg_Rev_Marion_J.pdf [90 pages, 1,277KB]
STEEL, James R. Steel_Rev_James_R.pdf [125 pages, 1,596KB]
STEWART, Victor E. Stewart_Rev_Victor_E.pdf [243 pages, 3MB]
STRAND, Ralph S. Strand_Rev_Ralph_S.pdf [105 pages, 1,165KB]
SWADE, Thomas J. Swade_Rev_Thomas_J.pdf [296 pages, 3MB]
SWIDER, Henry P. Swider_Rev_Henry_P.pdf [51 pages, 504KB]
TURLO, Walter J. Turlo_Rev_Walter_J.pdf [111 pages, 1,361KB]
ULATOWSKI, Donald F. Ulatowski_Rev_Donald_F.pdf [90 pages, 1,168KB]
WESTON, Michael H. Weston_Rev_Michael_H.pdf [73 pages, 916KB]