Joliet Priest Myles White

Father Myles White

While Father Myles White was still in seminary, concerns arose regarding not only his temperament but also his ability to keep the vow of chastity.  In 1967, the Diocese of Joliet stressed that it was of “paramount importance” that White be fully aware of what the law of celibacy requires and the necessity for White to provide an “explicit statement concerning celibacy.”  In 1968, the Chancellor of the Diocese of Joliet is made aware that White engaged in acts of “imprudence” with young men, but the Bishop did not feel the problems were “serious enough” to stop White’s ordination.  After he was ordained, White was transferred multiple times for a variety of unknown “personal problems” or “mistakes” before becoming pastor of St. Boniface in Monee from 1978 through 1988.  He also served as pastor of St. Martin in Kankakee from 1988 until July 1992, when he was arrested on charges of child molestation.  Notably, a video surfaced of White sexually abusing a young man and when the police went to White’s home, they found him destroying photographs of him and the young man.  White soon admitted to sexually abusing children during a number of his assignments within the Diocese of Joliet.  White was removed from ministry and served prison terms in both Illinois and Indiana.