Headshots of some Joliet Priests

Joliet Review Board’s List of Accused Priests since the 1960’s

The following list was created by the Diocese of Joliet’s own Review Board.  The list reveals the extent of the problem of sexual abuse by priests of the Diocese since the 1960’s.  The list indicates that the Bishops of the Diocese were receiving reports of abuse as early as 1962, yet the Diocese allowed the accused priests to remain in their positions for many years later. It gives the names of at least 28 priests who have been identified as being accused of child sexual abuse. Survivors of Joliet diocesan priest abuse believe the diocese has been less than forthcoming with this information. It appears in excess of a hundred allegations have been made from the early 1960’s through the present, leading to the conclusion the Diocese has known for decades of this serious problem. The release of this list and the priests’ files are finally a step in the right direction toward transparency in identifying abusive priests and addressing the long-standing problem of child sexual abuse in this diocese. You can see the full priest sex abuse files for nine of these priests by clicking here. You should know you are not alone. If you want more information about these files or your legal options, feel free to contact one of our attorneys.

Joliet Diocesan Priests Accused with Substantiated Allegations of Child Sex Abuse