Archdiocese of Chicago’s List of Credibly Accused Priests

The Archdiocese of Chicago has released the names of priests and others who it believes have had “at least one substantiated allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor.”  Please know that these lists are not complete, and in December 2018 the Illinois Attorney General issued a report claiming the Catholic Church in Illinois has withheld the names of more than 500 priests who have been accused of sexually abusing children.  Put simply, if you were sexually abused by a priest or someone associated with the Catholic Church, please do not be alarmed if the person is not on the Archdiocese’s list.  We have represented many people who were sexually abused by priests who were not included on the list of a Diocese or Archdiocese, only for the priest’s name to be added to the list at a later date.  If you want to learn your legal options, please contact us.

Here is a partial list of the names released by the Archdiocese of Chicago, sorted by last name:

(Last Name, First Name)

  1. Baranowski, Alexander Sylvester
  2. Bartz, Richard Barry
  3. Becker, Robert Charles
  4. Bennett, Joseph R.
  5. Bogdan, Leonard Adolph
  6. Bowman, Robert Peter
  7. Braun, David Francis
  8. Brigham, Kenneth
  9. Buck, Daniel Peter
  10. Burke, Edmund F.
  11. Burns, Eugene Patrick
  12. Calicott, John Walter
  13. Cloutier, William J.
  14. Craig, Robert
  15. Crosby, Thomas Carroll
  16. Curran, John William
  17. Czajka, Norman J.
  18. DeRoeck, Walter George
  19. Diedrich, Dominic Aloysius
  20. Dilla, Francis Emil
  21. Fassbinder, Richard Wayne
  22. Fitzharris, Joseph L.
  23. Flosi, James Vincent
  24. Friese, Robert
  25. Garza, Jesus P.
  26. Hagan, James Craig
  27. Hefferan, John Edward
  28. Hoder, James
  29. Hogan, Michael J.
  30. Holihan, Daniel Mark
  31. Huppenbauer, Walter Edward
  32. Job, Thomas
  33. Kealy, Robert Louis
  34. Keehan, John James
  35. Kelly, Thomas
  36. Keough, John Joseph
  37. Kissane, Joseph Patrick
  38. Kmak, Leonard Paul
  39. Lupo, William L.
  40. Maday, Norbert J.
  41. Maloney, Edward
  42. Mayer, Robert E.
  43. McCaffrey, Vincent
  44. McCormack, Daniel J.
  45. McDonald, Robert Joseph
  46. McNamara, Peter John
  47. Miller, Gary M.
  48. Mulsoff, Donald John
  49. O’Brien, William John
  50. Owens, Joseph
  51. Pallikunnen, Emmanuel
  52. Ray, James M.
  53. Robinson, John Allen
  54. Rohrich, John F.
  55. Romano, Russell Lawrence
  56. Ruge, Kenneth Charles
  57. Savage, Joseph E.
  58. Skriba, Raymond Francis
  59. Snieg, Marion Joseph
  60. Steel, James R.
  61. Stewart, Victor E.
  62. Strand, Ralph S.
  63. Swade, Thomas J.
  64. Swider, Henry Peter
  65. Tanghal, Albert
  66. Theisen, Richard Gregory
  67. Thomas, Joseph S.
  68. Turlo, Walter Joseph
  69. Ulatowski, Donald Francis
  70. Vader, Anthony Joseph
  71. Weston, Michael Howard

Non-Chicago Archdiocesan Priests, Religious Order Priests, Deacons

  1. Batuyong, William Patricio
  2. Wojtowicz, Louis
  3. Policetti, Sleeva Raju
  4. Przybylo, Czeslaw
  5. Pantoja, Eusebio
  6. Peralta, Carlos