Christian Brothers to Pay $16.5 million

Our attorneys have helped reached a tentative settlement in the Christian Brothers bankruptcy.  Under the proposed terms, the Christian Brothers will contribute $16.5 million and other assets into a settlement fund for abuse survivors.  The settlement would only apply to the Christian Brothers in North America and allows abuse survivors to pursue claims against other entities, including the owners of school where the abuse happened.  <<Read More>>


New Lawsuit Against Thomas Hacker and Boy Scouts of America

Thomas Hacker abused dozens of Boy Scouts in the Chicago area while he was a Scout leader and volunteer.  In December , we filed a lawsuit against Hacker, the Boy Scouts, and the Chicago Area Council on behalf of a man who was abused by Hacker in the mid-1980s.  This week we filed a lawsuit against Hacker and the Burbank Park District, where Hacker worked with children in the 1980s.  Read more about the cases by Read More ->